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We scale your revenue by upskilling your team and working together to implement the latest growth frameworks and methods used by leading Silicon Valley companies.

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Going Product Led?

a Growth Team?

& Pirate Funnel?

Product Onboarding?

Improving user value?

Scaling sales & marketing?


Having similar questions? Then you're at the right place!

growth acceleration program realgrowthhacking


The full program to bring your company to the next level:

If you're a company that reached product-market-fit and is hungry to scale, then this is the right program for you.

  • Develop the right growth-mindset with your team

  • Build the required tracking to identify your growth levers

  • Improve your conversion rates by building a better UX

  • Create massive impact by launching experiments at scale

  • Go exponential by building your Product-Led Growth Model

  • Install a growth culture to become hyper impact-driven


Go Product-Led

Freemium? Free-Trial? Sales vs. product? How to build it?

Experts say Product-Led Growth is the new dominant Go-To-Market strategy. However, implementing PLG is super difficult and many costly mistakes can be made. We've done it already and can help you identify and implement the right PLG model for your company without doing these costly mistakes.

Improve User Onboarding

Bad onboarding? High drop-off? Poor retention?

A user decides in the first couple seconds if he likes your product and will come back or not. Hence, the best way to improve retention is to nail your first product experience. However, this is not easy and often done wrong. We teach and apply with you the needed frameworks to get your users what they want, fast. 

Build a Growth Team

How to get started? How to structure it? How to experiment? 

A growth team is a cross-functional team with one mission: Create growth for the company. But to build such a highly impactful team, you need the right tools, processes, frameworks, and training. With our experience you're in good hands and can make sure you do it right from the beginning.

Scale Outbound Sales

How to generate new leads? How to automate the process?

Let's be honest, there's nothing better than a warm inbound lead. Nevertheless, if you really wanna scale your company a well oiled outbound lead generation machine can be your secret weapon. We built machines that generated 5000+ leads per month and generated over 500k in new revenue after the first 9 months. And we can do this for you too.,

"RGH's program was the first time our entire team got involved. It changed the way we work as a company and in my opinion, was the most eye-opening course we've ever participated in."

Daniel Baur, Co-Founder & CEO, eMonitor

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Inbound Customers

"RGH's program has had a an immediate impact on our day-to-day business. Although much of the business impact will follow in the months ahead, the ROI was already positive by the end of the program."



We run an assessment that will help us both to fully understand your current situation.


We level up the skills of your team and create a shared understanding for the current situation and how to process it.


We start applying the learned skills and frameworks at your business and create impact.


We're always at your side and become part of your team. We give our best to make you successful.

Why not give us a ring? We want to talk to you

Joël Louis Capt CEO Realgrowthhacking

Joël L. Capt

Program Host, CEO & Founder of RGH, former Head of Growth at Beekeeper, prior Investment Analyst in Silicon Valley

Hi there! My name is Joël, and growth hacking is my passion. Since my time in Silicon Valley, I have worked for one of the fastest-growing startups in Switzerland, built one of the largest growth teams in the country, spoke in several panels, and supported the growth of countless companies.


The difference between high-growth startups and the rest? It is the consistent application of proven data-driven frameworks and methods to increase user value and revenue. Through RealGrowthHacking, I teach start-ups these exact methods and help them drive exponential growth.


Working with me means no excuses - only direct honesty. Because that's what it takes to make a real impact. My only question is, are you ready for this?


Sandro Meyer realgrowthhacking experts

SEO & Content Strategy

Sandro Meyer

Co-Founder of Growthbay

Sandro has eight years of experience in building, leading and scaling two startup marketing teams from the ground up into multi-million operations.

Manuel Hartmann realgrowthhacking experts


Manuel Hartmann

CEO & Founder of Salesplaybook

Manuel has 100+ customers in his Sales Acceleration Programs. He has built up sales for a Swiss B2B AI startup, co-led Salesforce projects, and worked in door-to-door sales at Tesla and Accenture.

Lanny Heiz realgrowthhacking experts

Marketing Automation

Lanny Heiz

Head of Sales at BeeInbound

Head of Sales at BEE Inbound and expert when it comes to marketing automation and scaling-up business development.

Nick Spitzer realgrowthhacking experts


Nick Spitzer

Business Intelligence, Fishtown Analytics

Founder of the Business Intelligence function at Beekeeper. Master of race car engineering, coding, cloud data warehousing,  master of modern data analytics stack.

Jev Glazunova realgrowthhacking experts


Jev Glazunova

Founder of Consumer-centric

10+ years experience in CRM Operations at various companies with loads of consumer data such as eBay, Loylogic,, Estée Lauder.

Matthias Karg realgrowthhacking experts

Product Design & UX

Matthias Karg

Co-Founder at Angle

CPO of Angle, a Zurich-based, VC-backed startup. He has worked with countless businesses from humble startups to large corporates at IDEO in San Francisco and Munich.


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Martin Gonto realgrowthhacking guest speaker
Alberto Toledo realgrowthhacking guest speaker
Jim Huffmann realgrowthhacking guest speaker
Jason Barbato realgrowthhacking guest speaker

Jason Barbato

Snr. Director of Growth at HYPR, former Global Growth Lead at IBM

Jim Huffman

CEO GrowthHit

Alberto Toledo

Angel Investor, Mentor, Serial-Entrepreneur, Ex VP Citrix

Martin Gonto

Co-Founder Hypergrowth

Ex SVP Marketing & Growth at Auth0

Pedro Clivati

Head of Growth



Patrik Elsa realgrowthhacking customer

Patrik, CEO BeUnity

RGH's program has had a an immediate impact on our day-to-day business. Although much of the business impact will follow in the months ahead, the ROI was already positive by the end of the program.

Andreas Trunz realgrowthhacking customer

Andreas, Head of Sales eMonitor

RGH's program is a real no-brainer in my eyes. Even if we'd implement but 30% of all the tangible learnings,
I bet the course would pay off within the first six weeks.

Andrin, CEO AirConsole

RGH embedded the growth hacking approach into every team member's head. The whole team is now aware of what they need to focus on for the company to grow.

Steven, Biz Dev Manager Climeworks

If I were ever to start another business, I would hire RGH to walk the founding team through the process before I even try to raise funds.

Julia, Head of Marketing eMonitor

Already with the first experiment we managed to increase our website conversion by 41%! But most importantly was, that we learned the methods and frameworks needed to analyze our data.

anne-sophie couvez realgrowthhacking customer

Anne-Sophie, Marketing Manager MILA

We got concrete frameworks and the mindset to work in a way that promotes growth. After a few weeks, the entire dynamic of the team was impacted, and the first results were visible.”

Gabriel, COO BeUnity

All in one: the program helped us to reach a new level with our business that otherwise would have taken us months to develop as a team and company

Daniel Baur realgrowthhacking customer

Daniel, CEO eMonitor

RGH's program was the first time our entire team got involved. It's changed the way we work as a company and in my opinion, was the most eye-opening course we've ever participated in.

"I worked with Joël in Silicon Valley, where he coached our portfolio startups, and I recommend any company to take part in one of his impact programs. For a startup to be successful, they need to grow exponentially and Joël teaches hands-on tactics on how to do so."

Alexander Fries, Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Alpana Ventures

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