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"Too long the secrets of Silicon Valley's success stories have been unknown in Europe. We thrive to spread the word of Growth Hacking in Europe and welcome any Growth Enthusiasts to join our community."

Joël Louis Capt CEO Realgrowthhacking

Joël L. Capt

CEO & Founder

From starting the first company while studying, to working for a VC fund in Silicon Valley, to helping scale a technology company from 30 to 200 employees, Joël has spent his career exploring many facets of the entrepreneurial world. For the past 6 years, Joël has battle-tested all kinds of growth tactics and strategies, either coaching portfolio startups in Silicon Valley or building one of the largest growth teams in Switzerland. As a result, Joël identified the main reasons that differentiate mediocre startups from the rocket-ship tech companies and founded Realgrowthhacking, where he is now helping companies adopt the same frameworks and tactics used by leading high-growth organizations.

Tim Eckert

Growth Specialist

Tim helped grow one of the fastest-growing SaaS Startups in Switzerland, is the Co-Founder of the podcast "117% Signifikanz" where he loves to interview people about their growth mindset, and has successfully driven growth teams and tactics in startup- and corporate environments.

Starting his career in game development, Tim is fascinated by engaging software, rapid- and data driven decision making, and passionate about great business experiments. You'll find Tim most likely somewhere in the mountains.

Tim Eckert.jpg
Lucas Maliczak.jpg

Lucas Maliczak

Growth Specialist

Founding the growth hacking romandie community in 2017, Lucas is a key driver of the growth hacking movement in Switzerland. He's the owner of an e-commerce wine business and successfully designed the launch of a fintech startup. Lucas graduated with a BsC at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne and is interested in the topics of consumer psychology, marketing automation, and product-led growth. It's easy to convince him to have a chat with a glass of wine.

Alberto Toledo


Alberto Toledo serves as Senior Advisor at Locatee AG and Sherpany.
Previous to Locatee AG, Alberto was the Chief Strategy Officer for Beekeeper AG. During his 5 years tenure at Beekeeper, he was responsible for successfully developing the growth and go-to-
market strategy. He was instrumental at setting up the US Sales operations and the Beekeeper partnership program. A multicultural executive, Alberto has worked and lived extensively in the United States, Switzerland, Ireland and Brazil during his 30+ year career. Alberto was also a Board Member at Sherpany and currently holds various Advisory roles in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups in
Switzerland. Alberto holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from City University of Seattle - USA and an Electronics degree from Divino Salvador College São Paulo- Brazil. Alberto speaks native
Portuguese and is fluent in English, German and Spanish.

alberto toledo.jpg
Andrea Ratzenberger.jpg

Andrea Ratzenberger

Growth Coach & Advisor

Andrea is a seasoned sales and marketing specialist with experience in building and growing companies at scale. From having set up diverse growth engines internationally in the manufacturing sector, to helping scale a technology company from 3M to 15M ARR in Europe, Andrea's experience in building successful growth engines from the ground up has given him important insights on the steps to follow to successfully unlock growth. Besides holding 3 masters, Andrea speaks 5 languages fluently and has been selected among the Top 100 Marketing Directors from Forbes Italy in 2020. He is also currently on the executive board of the Italian Association for CS and Corporate Governance.


While much of Switzerlands leading talent is still strongly involved in contributing and building up their own ventures, we managed to win them for our network of industry leading experts through which they offer their services to the Swiss Ecosystem. For any challenge that comes up on your road to scale, we have the right people to support you.

Sandro Meyer realgrowthhacking experts

SEO & Content Strategy

Sandro Meyer

Co-Founder of Growthbay

Sandro has eight years of experience in building, leading and scaling two startup marketing teams from the ground up into multi-million operations.

Boris Manhart.jpg

Product Market Fit

Boris Manhart

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder

Boris has co-founded over 5 startups and has more than 20y of Tech-CEO experience. He's a true genius when it comes to building up a company from scratch and systematically getting to product-market fit.

Lanny Heiz realgrowthhacking experts

Marketing Automation

Lanny Heiz

Head of Sales at BeeInbound

Expert when it comes to marketing automation and scaling-up business development. BeInbound is one of the largest Hubspot Agencies in Europe.

Oliver Arber.jpg

Sales Scaling

Oliver Arber

Senior AE at Beekeeper

Oliver helps Beekeeper scaling their revenue since 4+ years and has been one of the top performing AE's ever since. With his deep insights and experience he supports startups in achieving the same.

Nick Spitzer realgrowthhacking experts


Nick Spitzer

Fishtown Analytics

Founder of the Business Intelligence function at Beekeeper. Master of race car engineering, coding, cloud data warehousing,  master of modern data analytics stack.

Jev Glazunova realgrowthhacking experts


Jev Glazunova

Founder of Consumer-centric

10+ years experience in CRM Operations at various companies with loads of consumer data such as eBay, Loylogic,, Estée Lauder.

Matthias Karg realgrowthhacking experts

Product Design & UX

Matthias Karg

Co-Founder at Angle

CPO of Angle, a Zurich-based, VC-backed startup. He has worked with countless businesses from humble startups to large corporates at IDEO in San Francisco and Munich.

David Boleij.jpg

Paid Advertising

David Boleij

Digital Mkt Consultant

David has over 8+ years in Digital Paid Strategies and helps leading Startups such as Beekeeper to scale their inbound efforts.


Pedro Clivati realgrowthhacking guest speaker
Martin Gonto realgrowthhacking guest speaker
Alberto Toledo realgrowthhacking guest speaker
Jim Huffmann realgrowthhacking guest speaker
Jason Barbato realgrowthhacking guest speaker

Jason Barbato

Snr. Director of Growth at HYPR, former Global Growth Lead at IBM

Jim Huffman

CEO GrowthHit

Alberto Toledo

Angel Investor, Mentor, Serial-Entrepreneur, Ex VP Citrix

Martin Gonto

Co-Founder Hypergrowth

Ex SVP Marketing & Growth at Auth0

Pedro Clivati

Head of Growth

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