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After 3 months: +300% Inbound Customers per quarter

beUnity is a B2B SaaS startup. The company is early-stage funded, has around 11 employees and about 80 customers at the start of the collaboration.

​"RGH's program has had an immediate impact on our day-to-day business. Although much of the business impact will follow in the months ahead, the ROI was already positive by the end of the program."

Patrik Elsa, CEO beUnity


After 3 months: +60% Website Conversion and +200% Lead to MQL Conversion

Kleverkey is a B2B Hardware and Software startup. The company is early-stage funded, and had around 20 customers at the start of our collaboration.

"I can highly recommend the team at RGH when it comes to increasing growth. The collaboration was very motivating, inspiring and hands-on. Besides new knowledge, we have developed frameworks that allow us to conduct experiments at scale and already increased our website conversion by 60% and more than doubled our MQL conversion."

Thomas Riesen, CEO Kleverkey

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After 6 months: +40% MQLs, +155% Opportunities

eMonitor is a B2B PropTech SaaS Startups. The company raised 5M Series A funding during our program and has around 20 employees.

"RGH's program was the first time our entire team got involved. It's changed the way we work as a company and in my opinion, was the most eye-opening program we've ever participated in."

Daniel Baur, CEO eMonitor


After 3 months: +100% User base growth

MILA is a B2B2C Marketplace for technical services. The company handles technical assistance requests for businesses and connects them with the right person to solve the problem.

“RGH’s Team is a rock star when it comes to growth hacking. RGH helped us to create a proper setting with the right mindset, analytics and testing to accelerate our business. It has been a game changer for our way of working. I highly recommend to participate in the program.”

Chris Viatte, CEO MILA



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Anne-Sophie, Marketing Manager MILA

We got concrete frameworks and the mindset to work in a way that promotes growth. After a few weeks, the entire dynamic of the team was impacted, and the first results were visible.”

Andreas Trunz realgrowthhacking customer

Andreas, Head of Sales eMonitor

RGH's program is a real no-brainer in my eyes. Even if we'd implement but 30% of all the tangible learnings,
I bet the course would pay off within the first six weeks.

Andrin, CEO AirConsole

RGH embedded the growth hacking approach into every team member's head. The whole team is now aware of what they need to focus on for the company to grow.

Steven, Biz Dev Manager Climeworks

If I were ever to start another business, I would hire RGH to walk the founding team through the process before I even try to raise funds.


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