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Growth Leader Impact Program with Individual Coaching

Become a real Growth Leader with our 6-week impact program for professionals

  • 6 weeks intensive program (2-3h training & coaching per week, + task implementation)

  • Interactive online training

  • Guaranteed individual focus with a group size of maximum 5 people

  • Expert Speakers with real-life use cases

  • Mastermind Group

  • Individual direct coaching for each participant to achieve a real impact 


Full-Funnel Solutions

Being acquisition focused but only understanding part of the funnel is just not enough anymore. Only when you understand all aspects of your product and service you achieve a fully conversion-optimized and satisfying customer experience.


Exponential Growth

In recent years, the cost of online advertising has increased by over 170%. If you continue to rely on traditional acquisition strategies it will become increasingly inefficient. Identifying opportunities to use your own product as a vehicle for acquisition is the new way high-growth Silicon Valley startups are driving their exponential growth.


Market Demands

When searching on job boards, more and more positions such as "Growth Marketer" or "Growth Engineer" appear. Companies have started looking for such key talent, and professionals need to develop their skills. Being T-shaped and understanding larger parts of the funnel is becoming a new standard in the future.

Why Growth Skills are of rising importance
A program designed to create impact

This is not a simple study course, this is not a webinar or any other teaching-only style of course. This program contains only proven frameworks and strategies that will provide you with a range of hands-on tools to implement in your company and increase your skills and knowledge beyond traditional training.

After 6 weeks you'll be able to

Understand and apply the newest battle-proven growth frameworks Silicon Valleys' fastest-growing startups are using

Analyze your company over the full user journey to identify your greatest growth levers

Improve your quantitative and qualitative data game and use reverse engineering tactics to improve your growth drivers

Apply the growth hacking process and use a data-driven and experimental approach to scale your growth engine

Create product-led growth models and learn how to use your product to drive exponential growth

Anchor the new growth frameworks in your weekly and quarterly planning to ensure the sustainability of long-term growth

Program Format

The program contains 6 different modules, each of which consists of the following parts.

Giving a Presentation
Live Training

A live call to learn about the frameworks and tactics.

Expert Speaker

A domain-expert sharing real-life use cases.

Designer On Computer
Work Task

A task to apply the learned content to your business.

On a Video Call
Direct Coaching

Individual coaching to take a customized approach to each participant.

Video Conference

An optional group call with your peers to exchange ideas. 

Meet the Experts

Joël Capt

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Program Creator, Growth, Product & CRO.


Jev Glazunova

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CRM Operations & Automation

Lanny Heiz

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Digital Marketing & Business Development

Nick Spitzer.jpg

Nick Spitzer

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Data, Business Intelligence & Engineering

Manuel Hartmann.png

Manuel Hartmann

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Sales & Sales Org Scaling

Matthias karg.jpg

Matthias Karg

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User Experience and Interfaces


By applying full funnel analysis and reverse engineering tactics Joël has helped my company to double our revenue in just 6 months without spending more money on advertising. Joël knew how to identify key growth drivers in our data and change the business and UX accordingly. I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Basil Steiner, Founder of SPD-SX-Editor

Program Curriculum & Application

The most valuable investment is the one you are making in yourself. Sign up here for the detailed curriculum and pricing information of the program. You will also receive further instructions on how to apply for the program.

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Learn the frameworks of how today's fastest-growing startups scale their businesses

Get to know the latest technologies and tools to support you on your growth path

Get documentation, templates, and assignments to create impact directly in your company

Benefit from individual direct coaching, in which the challenges of your specific situation are addressed

Learn from real domain experts and their real world use cases

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