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While growth hacking and product-led growth are methodologies followed by leading high-growth startups already for years, both topics are still very new to the Swiss and European Ecosystems. With this community, we aim to increase the awareness around these fundamentally important topics and drive the expertise and knowledge within Switzerland and Europe.

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What is Growth-Led?

The term “Growth-Led” describes companies that discard old traditional organisational characteristics and fully adopt modern growth tactics & strategies applied by leading high-growth startups. The term combines the methodologies from growth hacking and product-led disciplines, and companies need to fulfil a minimum of three requirements to be recognised as truly growth-led:


Act data-driven and base decisions on a full-funnel data framework


Perform rapid experimentation across all stages of the user journey


Leverage the product to scale the business, once Product-Market fit is reached

Some of the names you can already find there

realgrowthhacking customer beekeeper
realgrowthhacking customer sponsor
realgrowthhacking customer lexer
realgrowthhacking customer beunity
realgrowthhacking customer airconsole
realgrowthhacking customer climeworks
realgrowthhacking customer emonitor
realgrowthhacking customer mila


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