How beUnity doubled its growth in one quarter

Case Study

How beUnity doubled its growth
in one quarter

beUnity joined the 3 months acceleration program of RGH which contents, implementations, and results are outlined in the following slides.

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Growth hacking: A term misunderstood and abused almost as much as religion.

When searching the web for “growth hacking,” you’ll find almost as many explanations and theories as if you Google the “Holy Grail.” Even the highest-ranked pages on Google show definitions which are just plain wrong.

On one website you'll read about growth hacking being a magical fertilizer for business growth. Another will brand growth hacking as a mere buzzword. They may really think it’s a fad. Or they may just be scared of something new that threatens the current status quo, like the Romans nailing a dude to a wooden cross because an entire empire was so scared of his voice.